My Career

When it comes to my career, I am grateful, full of gratitude that I've walked this path and achieved what I've achieved.

I am always willing to learn and believe in continuous improvement.

I would love to start from the very beginning.

May 2014

May 31st, I've just passed out of my Engineering. I always wanted to be a Java Developer but I didn't know a thing.

My final year project was crap and now I laugh at what I've made at that time. I was desperate to work at free. But I was sure that I want to build my career in Software Development. Software Development has always fascinated me.

June 2014

I've got my first job as an intern with a stipend of 3,000 Indian Rupee(40$ USD) per month :) Yes, that's true!

But I always wanted to be into Software Development so I was happy doing it.

In my first company, I've learned:

  • The importance of learning in a group. In my first company, we were only 40 interns with no senior in the company, nobody to help but together, learning in a group we helped each other grow
  • How to be helpful to others

Everybody learns a new topic, conducts a group session, and shares the knowledge.

This helped us learn quickly and in a few months, we've started delivering value to the company.

Aug 2015

My Second company was the company where I've spent the longest time in my career.

Here I've learned:

  • The importance of written communication
  • How to resolve disputes in the team
  • How to work in a cross-functional team
  • Importance of best practices in maintaining software
  • Importance of keeping up-to-date with trendy tools in the industry

Feb 2018

My Third company was the best company I've worked for so far.

Here I've learned:

  • How to run a big company by the following "process"
  • Process is above everything and anything
  • Some awesome tools and tech used in Software Development
  • Agile Mindset

Jan 2019

My Fourth Company was in the middle east and that's the first time I traveled abroad all alone.

My abroad experience has taught me lessons like:

  • Working with People with different backgrounds and how to respect their beliefs and culture
  • Working in an international team and how they operate
  • Importance of producing quality work
  • Importance of proper communication
  • Documenting meeting notes and everything you do so that you don't need to remember

Aug 2020

In my last company, I've worked closely with the CEO and the top management where I learned problems a Company faces while running a company. I looked at the problems from a company standpoint and got a different perspective from what I was looking for from an employee's perspective.

I've learned:

  • What it means to be a true leader
  • How can I give 100% to my company
  • How to lead a team and managing varieties of people
  • Understood recruitment process in-depth
  • And how to be an outstanding developer by just brainstorming topics within a team
  • Continuous learning and developed an understanding that "learning never ends"

Jan 2022

I am working in my current company right now, here I am enjoying working with a team of a super-duper international team. Who are far superior to me.

It will be too early to share what I've learned so far but I am enjoying my time here. Each day I am learning something challenging that blows up my mind.


đź’–Thanks for taking interest in knowing about my journey.

I hope this helped you understand a bit more about me.

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Keep Learning, All the best!