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My Story

πŸ‘‹Hey Guys, this is Vikas from India.

Born and brought up in a middle-class family, with an ordinary childhood. But extra-ordinary parents who always raised me and my siblings in their best capacity.

Till Age 14, I was a distracted kid who doesn't respect my parents, their values, was not good at studies, and have some really bad companies.

Soon, I've realized the importance of education and that is the day I've never looked back.

I am fascinated by the fact - " that education is the most important gift which can change someone's entire life."

Education is the most powerful thing in the world! With education, teaching is equally powerful and so are teachers!


I am on a mission to help Developers & Students get better through my content! Want to inspire people to share their stories and content with the world.

Motto: If I am able to change single life on this planet, I'll consider my job is done!

Why I am doing this?

My career is already at its peak. I've got everything I wanted from my career. But still, there's a void to do more.

I'm 29, and for the longest time in my life, I was confused about what I am looking for?

Always wanted to positively impact the world but had no clue, where to begin with.

It was just a year ago when I discovered my real passion.

When I asked myself a question.

If I've to live for 1000 years, then what is that one thing I can fall in love with?

Answer was Teaching!

I was always passively involved in it, I always loved teaching and guiding my juniors but now is the time when I am finally convinced with my self-discovery!

This year, I've finally decided to put on my own technical blog and start writing about my experiences, learning, and lessons as Software Engineer.

What you can expect from this blog?

You can expect content on topics like Java, Java-script, Full-stack Development, Productivity Tips for Developers, Career guidance for beginners who want to break into Software Development, and many more related topics.

Who is this blog for?

This blog is laser-focused for technical people and If you're a FrontEnd, BackEnd, or FullStack developer then you are at the right place! πŸ˜ƒ Unfortunately, If you're not one of these then please help me reach out to someone who can be benefitted from this content :)

How much content to expect?

One Blog every week! Every Monday, I will go deep into the topics like Java, Javascript, and Fullstack Development.

For more content, you can join me on Twitter. Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday I tweet a thread on Java, Javascript, and Fullstack Development.


πŸ’– Thank you for reading till the end.

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Keep Learning, All the best!